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Gurugram (Haryana) [India], September 15: Sleep is not just a luxury but a vital component of a baby's overall well-being. It plays a crucial role in their growth, development, and cognitive function. Adequate sleep promotes healthy brain development, enhances memory and supports balanced emotional behaviour. Consequently, establishing healthy sleep habits from an early age is essential for their optimal development and overall happiness. 

With sleep being such a vital aspect of a baby's overall development, Mylo - a leading full-stack pregnancy and parenting platform - recently conducted a survey on baby sleep habits and routine. The survey gathered responses from 2109 parents across different age groups and geographical locations. The survey sheds light on the average hours of baby sleep, co-sleeping habits, feeding patterns at night, soothing techniques, common sleep challenges and popular sleep aids relied upon by parents.  

One of the key findings of the survey is the average hours of baby sleep. According to the survey findings, 47.9 per cent of the mothers revealed that their babies slept six to eight hours on average at night. Whereas 40.3 per cent of the mothers said their babies slept for an average of eight to ten hours at night. Average hours of sleep during the day ranged from two to six hours and the number of naps varied from one to four, depending on the age of the baby. 

Co-sleeping is another aspect that was explored in the survey. It was found that approximately 52 per cent of parents reported co-sleeping with their infants. While some parents do this out of personal preference, others opt for co-sleeping to facilitate breastfeeding or to provide comfort and security to their little ones.  

Commenting on the survey results, Shaveta Gupta, the Head of Content & Community at Mylo, said, "New parents often find themselves overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities. And sleepless nights, whether their own or their baby's, can disturb their routines and in the long term, their health and wellbeing as well. This survey underscores the importance of establishing and sustaining healthy sleep habits in babies. And Mylo remains committed to supporting parents on this journey, be it through our range of super-absorbent diapers and swaddle wraps or through baby sleep tools and resources." 

The survey also delved into feeding patterns at night and discovered that most parents reported waking up at least once during the night to feed their baby. This highlights the importance of establishing a feeding routine that accommodates both the baby's needs and the parent's sleep patterns. According to the survey, 67.9 per cent of mothers breastfed their babies at night. Whereas the remaining resorted to bottle-feeding or a combination of bottle-feeding and breastfeeding

The survey also highlighted some common challenges faced by parents in establishing a consistent sleep routine for their babies. 56.4 per cent of the survey respondents experienced sleep challenges with their infants. The most prevalent challenges reported included nighttime awakenings and difficulty falling asleep independently. Additionally, factors such as colic, growing pains or spurts, teething and sickness also impacted their baby's sleep routine. 

When it comes to soothing techniques, the survey found that the most common methods used by parents included feeding, singing lullabies and telling stories, gentle rocking and massaging the baby. Interestingly, the survey also revealed that many parents relied on sleep aids such as super-absorbent diapers, swaddle wraps and sleeping bags to help their babies fall asleep. Some of the survey respondents also reported using Mylo App's Make Baby Sleep tool to promote better sleep habits in their babies. 

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