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New Delhi [India], September 9: In a remarkable and innovative move, the Modern International School in Sector 19, Dwarka, New Delhi, has taken a bold step towards nurturing global citizens from the earliest stages of education. The school recently organized a unique workshop on the G-20 for its youngest students, aged 3 and 4 years old. This initiative aims to introduce these budding scholars to the world of international diplomacy and global cooperation, setting the stage for a brighter and more interconnected future.

The G-20, consisting of the world's major economies, has traditionally been a forum for high-level discussions on global economic issues. However, Modern International School, under the visionary leadership of Principal Priya Sharma, has expanded the boundaries of early education by introducing young learners to this international platform.

The workshop, held on September 6, 2023, was a delightful blend of education and fun. The school's dedicated educators designed age-appropriate activities and lessons that allowed the children to learn about the G-20 in an engaging and interactive manner. Through storytelling, art, and games, the children were introduced to the concepts of international cooperation, diversity, and the importance of working together on a global scale.

Chairman B.N. Nigam said, As I reflect on the recent workshop on the G-20 held at our school for our precious 3 to 4-year-old learners, I am filled with immense pride and optimism.  Witnessing the pure wonder and curiosity in the eyes of our youngest students as they embarked on this journey of global understanding was truly heartwarming. It is a testament to our commitment to holistic education that we introduce them to concepts as vital as international cooperation at such a tender age. These early experiences are the building blocks of a well-rounded education, and I am confident that they will lay the foundation for these young minds to become informed, responsible, and globally conscious citizens in the future. Our school community, along with our dedicated teachers, continues to inspire me with their commitment to nurturing the potential in every child, regardless of their age. I look forward to witnessing the growth and development of these bright young minds as they continue their educational journey with us.

Vice Chairman Dr Gaurav Nigam expressed his enthusiasm for this unique educational endeavor, saying, "At Modern International School, we believe in fostering well-rounded individuals who are not only academically strong but also globally aware and socially responsible. By introducing our youngest students to the G-20, we hope to instill in them the values of teamwork, empathy, and a sense of responsibility towards the world they will inherit."

The workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both parents and students. Parents were impressed with the school's commitment to providing a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks. They praised the school for its innovative approach to early childhood education and its dedication to nurturing young minds.

Director Dr Priya Mathur said, "The G-20 workshop for our 3 to 4-year-old students was a delightful introduction to global cooperation, nurturing their curiosity and setting the stage for a lifetime of engaged and informed citizenship".

The workshop on the G-20 for our 3- to 4-year-old students was an absolute delight to witness. Seeing these young children engage with global concepts in such a playful and interactive manner was truly heartening. Our dedicated teachers and the Vice Chairman's vision have created a learning environment where curiosity knows no bounds. We believe that introducing these fundamental ideas at an early age will instill a sense of global awareness and responsibility that will shape their future learning journeys. It is our privilege to be part of their educational foundation, and I have no doubt that these young learners have a bright and enlightened path ahead of them. said Sima J. Singh, principal.

One parent shared her thoughts: "I am amazed at how my 4-year-old daughter came home talking about countries, flags, and how everyone should help each other. The G-20 workshop has opened her eyes to the world in a way I never thought possible at this age. I commend Modern International School for this forward-thinking initiative".

This pioneering approach to early education reflects the school's commitment to preparing students for a rapidly changing world. By introducing young children to global concepts such as the G-20, Modern International School is sowing the seeds of global awareness and fostering the values of collaboration and empathy from the very beginning of a child's educational journey.

Modern International School's G-20 workshop for 3 and 4-year-olds is a testament to the school's dedication to providing a well-rounded education that equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

For more information, please visit: https://moderninternationalschool.com/

Modern International School is a leading educational institution in Dwarka, New Delhi, known for its commitment to academic excellence, holistic education, and innovative teaching methods. With a focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals, the school aims to prepare students for success in a rapidly changing global landscape.

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