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Gurugram (Haryana) [India], September 7: Pregnancy is a transformative and pivotal phase in a woman's life, demanding a keen focus on physical and mental well-being. As a woman prepares to bring a new life into the world, prioritizing her health becomes paramount. From regular prenatal check-ups to maintaining a nutritious diet, expecting mothers make several changes in their lives to support a healthy pregnancy. Over the course of nine months, these practices can play an essential role in improving pregnancy outcomes. 

To understand the various wellness practices embraced by pregnant women, Mylo - a leading full-stack pregnancy and parenting platform - recently conducted a survey in its online community. The survey included responses from a diverse group of 2,839 expecting mothers across India. The primary objective of the survey was to understand the common challenges faced by pregnant women, ways to overcome these troubles and fundamental activities adopted by them to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

A vast majority of the respondents indicated a religiousness towards prenatal appointments with 91.2 per cent of them attending prenatal check-ups regularly. In addition to regular doctor visits, over half of the survey participants started taking prenatal vitamins and avoiding questionable foods such as papaya, processed foods etc. Besides these dietary changes to support a healthy pregnancy, 46.7 per cent of expecting mothers reduced their caffeine intake and 24.6 per cent of women started including non-vegetarian foods to supplement their diet.  

When asked what some of the most common discomforts were experienced during pregnancy, 62.6 per cent of the expecting mothers responded back pain followed by nausea and vomiting, sleeplessness, heartburn and bloating, and dry skin and itchiness. To alleviate these common problems, most women resorted to home remedies like lemon water hot and cold compress and massages. Additionally, to further their comfort, many of these women rely on pregnancy essentials like pregnancy sleep pillows, stretch marks cream, and maternity wear.  

Furthermore, an impressive 73.1 per cent of expecting mothers fortified their pregnancy wellness arsenal with regular physical activities like walking and Yoga. Among walking, yoga, exercising and swimming, 94.5 per cent of the women expressed their commitment to daily walking routines. These low-impact activities are known to offer numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness, stress reduction, and enhanced overall well-being. 

Commenting on the survey findings, Shaveta Gupta, the Head of Content & Community at Mylo, said, "On the path to parenthood, wellness activities stand as a cornerstone for supporting a healthy pregnancy for both the expecting mother and her unborn baby. We are thrilled to witness such strong dedication among the women in our Mylo community to maintain optimal health during pregnancy. Through physical fitness, proper nutrition, emotional support and diligent healthcare, these mothers exemplify the love and care they have for their babies who haven't even taken their first breath yet."  

The survey findings further shed light on a concerning aspect of pregnancy - the emotional and mental health challenges faced by expecting mothers. According to the survey findings, over 68 per cent of expecting mothers reported experiencing such challenges during their pregnancy journey. These findings serve as a reminder that pregnancy is not just a physical process but also an emotionally charged phase in a woman's life. It emphasizes the necessity of providing holistic care that takes into account both physical and mental well-being.

Lastly, the survey asked participants to list their primary sources of information for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. 36.2 per cent of the respondents found their gynecologists to be the most reliable sources of information for ensuring their pregnancy wellness. Mylo App emerged as a close second to gynecologists and over 33 per cent of expecting mothers found it to be a trustworthy companion in their pregnancy journeys. Ultimately, the right awareness and support can empower pregnant women to make healthy choices and improve health outcomes for themselves and their babies.

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