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New Delhi [India], March 11 (ANI/ATK): The concept of exclusivity in membership clubs is becoming a thing of the past for one club in Edinburgh. The Morningside Club was the town's best-kept secret and prospective members had to be nominated by two current members just to apply. Sheila Noble told BBC News about her delight of finally seeing inside The Morningside Club after 12 years of trying to find out what went on behind its royal blue doors. The club has an interesting history, dating back to 1950. Complete with a bar, lounge and pool tables. The Morning Club was a raucous place where members could let loose and enjoy a drink in a friendly environment. Now the club is waiving the new membership rules and hoping its announcement of inclusivity will keep its doors open.

Cryptos: Way Ahead of the Game

Unlike Sheila, you won't have to wait years to become a part of a crypto community. Cryptos are digital currencies that show that inclusivity from the start means longevity for the future. Cryptos are community-driven currencies like Solana (SOL), Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Litecoin (LTC). What makes them so vital and valuable is that they work on a decentralised framework and they have their users' best interests at heart.

Let's count the ways that cryptos care for their users and the wider community:

Decentralised Finance (De-Fi) FTW

De-Fi removes the need for a middleman like a bank which often charges hefty fees for international transfers. Peer-to-peer currencies give people all over the world access and autonomy over their finances they wouldn't otherwise have.

Cryptos Who Care

Big Eyes Coin says that 'community tokens are huge wealth generators for community and charity'. They are determined to help marine life and will reserve 5% of their Tokens to donate to ocean-saving charities! Big Eyes Coin are offering their users the chance to make a huge increase on their $BIG Token purchases when using the Vault Pin 819. You could also win a random amount of $BIG Token prizes with their Loot Boxes.

Solana are also doing their bit for the planet. They are carbon neutral. Impressive! They are committed to being a sustainable and scalable currency. They are incredibly transparent about their environmental impact and on their website, they have a scale where you can look into the different energy consumptions of a variety of cryptos and products. According to their scale, (on average) one Solana transaction uses 3,290 Joules which is tiny compared to the average Ethereum transaction of 144,036 Joules. Or running a large fridge which uses around 648,000 Joules. Speaking of energy, Litecoin also states that they use little energy and they hope to make every transaction 2.5 seconds. That's very speedy compared to other cryptos that could take a few minutes per transaction.

Communities Monetary Opportunities

Cryptos want their users to make money. They have different ways of doing this. Solana and Big Eyes Coin have many resources on their websites to teach new users about how cryptos work. There are also NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens which are unique assets that could potentially give them a high value. These could be anything from digital artwork to short looping animations like GIFs. Other opportunities include staking, where cryptos will reward you with things like Tokens for keeping your coins in your wallet.

All cryptos have their own unique selling points and it is important to take careful consideration when deciding if you want to invest in this new and exciting market.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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