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Why has Outsourcing Daily Chores Become so Popular?

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17 Oct 2019, 23:18 GMT+10

There can be no doubts over the fact that in recent years, the number of home delivery services have continued to rise. Across a wide array of industries, many companies of varying sizes have sought to implement such services in an attempt to increase their consumer base and provide their customers with a more convenient lifestyle which results in greater levels of happiness.

Due to that fact, we're going to look at what types of popular services are most commonly available, along with also considering why vast numbers of people have embraced outsourcing daily chores and are using home delivery services.

Greater choice and time-saving potential

Over the last few years, the sheer volume of delivery services has revolutionized contemporary society. As a result of that fact, consumers simply have more choices to pick between in regards to which company they go for and what type of delivery they're seeking. While this is becoming increasingly common in many sectors, the food industry has embraced this new trend through developing a wide range of weekly meal delivery services.

There are many reasons as to why some people opt for these types of services, but one of the biggest factors comes as a result of more and more people now leading busier lives than ever before. In turn, finding the time to prepare and cook nutritious meals becomes a chore, especially at the end of a long day. However, everyday low carb diet deliveries have now become more accessible, and with nutritionists saying that what you choose to eat affects not only your energy levels but also your productivity, gym competence, and sleep patterns, having a balanced diet is arguably more important than ever before.

SunBasket is one of the available delivery services on the market that provide a range of different meal plans for those seeking to embrace a low carb diet. Not only does the company provide a choice of different menus, which include the Classic and Family menu, but the ingredients are also pre-proportioned, which ensures that less time is spent on preparation, while food waste is also kept to a minimum. Additionally, other businesses such as Balance by BistroMD, Diet-to-go, Green Chef and many more also provide a wide selection of fresh meals that assist in taking the stress and hassle out of meal preparations, along with also introducing prospective customers to new flavors and cooking techniques.

Such services highlight the true value of happiness and time

With the delivering of restaurant meals to consumers' homes is resulting in new online platforms racing to capture markets, the expanding choice and convenience are only two of the reasons as to why people are opting to take advantage of such services. Whether it's DIY, food delivery or window cleaning, for example, spending slightly more money on reducing how much work you need to partake in ensures the ability to be able to enjoy more downtime. The concept of buying more time is becoming far more appealing following the digitalization of modern society. Research has found that by doing this, people often find themselves to be more in control of their day, allowing them to feel better from a mental standpoint.

Furthermore, alongside the prospect of having more free time, it's widely believed that time, and not material goods, increases happiness levels. For the older population, getting out to do their weekly shop or clean their entire house may have some serious medical implications, so the opportunity of having their meals delivered or house cleaned is likely to ensure a healthy state of mind for both themselves and their family.

Moreover, new research by a professor at Harvard Business School has also found that couples who spend their money on outsourcing their household chores are more likely to report greater life satisfaction and happiness in their relationship, even if it creates some degree of financial stress. With that being said, a recent study conducted by researchers at UBC and Harvard Business School found that 98 percent of working adults in Canada wouldn't spend an extra $40 on time-saving services, but that upon concluding their results, the other 2 percent felt happier upon buying themselves some time as opposed to material items or saving the money.

Whatever the chore, outsourcing could be the answer

Ultimately, it's clear to see why time-saving services have reached new-found levels of popularity. The growth of home delivery services, for example, illustrates how willing members of contemporary society are to make their daily lives as convenient as possible, even if that impacts their financial position. In an era dominated by work and household chores, outsourcing to save time at the expense of money is not only resulting in a population which is free to enjoy their spare time, but also one which is far healthier and much happier.

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